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Look and Feel Good with this 1 month supply of Jivesse Marine Collagen Cream & Capsules. The Cream will target signs of ageing from the outside by minimising the appearance of wrinkles, firming and tightening skin and increasing luminosity. The Capsule will rejuvenate skin cells, increase collagen production internally and improve skin hydration.

  • Reduced Wrinkle Formation
  • Improved Skin Luminosity
  • Improved Skin Hydration and Elasticity
  • Multifunctional Formulation

Beauty From The Outside

  • Internal and external anti-ageing benefits
  • Source of several key Vitamins
  • Improvement of skin hydration
  • Reduced Wrinkle Formation

Beauty From The Inside

With 2 sources of Peptan® the collagen network in the skin can increase significantly in just 30 days.

Jivesse Marine Collagen Cream

This multi-dimensional aging and hydrating cream contains potent active ingredients with unique properties which look to rejuvenate and accelerate the natural production of collagen within your skin. This process is vital to keeping skin looking youthful for longer and defending against the key signs of ageing. Incidences of deep wrinkle formation are reduced, skin appears firmer, with improved elasticity and moisture, providing more luminosity in skin tone with a youthful looking glow.

Whilst the key active ingredients in the Jivesse Marine Collagen Cream are absorbed deep into the skin, the cream continues working, providing a layer of moisture on the skin surface ensuring the skin remains supple hours after application. The cream is enriched with Peptan®, the purest marine collagen peptides, which protect the extracellular matrix of the dermis, counteracting the loss of firmness and moisture occurring over time which would typically lead to wrinkles. The Jivesse™ Marine Collagen Cream has been formed using over a decade's experience and clinical knowledge in the development and manufacture of effective skin management products for dermatology specialists.

Concentrations of peptides of 1% and above should result in boosting fibroblast proliferation and favours thesynthesis of the major structural collagen molecule of the dermis, thus preserving its structural organization. Peptan also protects against free radicals, limiting their ageing effects. The inclusion of Peptan peptides in topical products can result in:

  • Stimulating fibroblast proliferation
  • Boosting collagen synthesis
  • Protecting against free radicals and preventing oxidative stress

Jivesse Marine Collagen Capsules

Jivesse™ Marine Collagen Capsules are packed with a vast array of active ingredients, predominantly marine collagen, which all aim to provide key nutrients which look to reduce the development of deep wrinkle formation in the skin. This in turn promotes smoother skin appearance and a more supple texture with an increased level of hydration and youthful radiance. The vitamins included in the Jivesse capsules help to invigorate from within and allow the body to manage everyday activities and requirements to its best ability.

Studies have shown an oral intake of 5 to 10 g per day of collagen Peptan peptides may have a positive effect on human tissues such as skin which contain collagen. The main hypothesis is that peptides coming from the oral intake of collagen may be recognized as a signal of the destruction of endogenous collagen.The trials were carried about by global skin health research organizations SOUKEN (Japan) and DERMSCAN (France) who both have a unique approach for verifying product performance claims. Their clientele include a number of leading international cosmetic companies and the key findings of the trial were;

  • The moisture content increased significantly. Skin elasticity and wrinkles were also improved.
  • Fast absorption rates - specific peptides are released in the blood, less than 2 hours after oral intake of collagen peptides.
  • Ingestion of collagen peptides increase the size of the collagen fibril, and enhances formation of the collagen fibrils.
  • Peptan® increases skin hydration by 28% after 8 weeks
  • The skin hydration level of 91% of Peptan® group volunteers increased after 8 weeks
  • After 6 weeks, Peptan group volunteers had their micro-relief furrows decreased and after 12 weeks, the total wrinkle surface was improved.
  • Peptan® F improves skin structure, by decreasing collagen fragmentation
  • Density of collagen network significantly increases in just 28 days

Can Jivesse Help with Acne & Acne Scarring

Jivesse is one of today's leading luxury skincare brands that has not only proved itself to be beneficial in the anti-ageing market but also in the treatment of acne and acne scarring. Collagen is a major structural protein in the skin responsible for the strength, health, elasticity, smoothness and all over glow. Jivesse contains not only collagen but also an essential herb elixir which will boost your skins renewal giving you both clearer and fresher skin. It will also speed up the process of restructuring your skin to banish those acne scars leaving you with a smoother fresher appearance. This cream is the only one of its kind currently using an airtight dispenser locking in the ingredients ensuring that every single dose dispensed is both effective and hygienic.


Everyone's talking about Jivesse

Jivesse has rocketed into the headlines and has been recognized for the rejuvenation effects it has on skin and it has quickly become a favourite amongst the headline breakers!

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The Jivesse Survey

Over 88% of people who have tried Jivesse would recommend Jivesse products to their friends/family

Over 66% of people who have tried Jivesse would substitute their regular moisturiser with Jivesse Collagen Cream

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Jivesse Success Stories

See The Results for Yourselves

Jivesse has 1000's of fan's growing all over the world and many thanks to those sharing their Jivesse success

  • Ashley Ashely"I am so glad that I finally found Jivesse it cleared my skin within 30 days just as it promised and I have had clear skin ever since, for almost 2 years now."
  • MicheleMichele"I have had acne-prone skin for years and tried so many treatments... none have has the positive effects I have gained using Jivesse."
  • CodyCody"I have noticed an extreme improvement in my skin tone and acne. Jivesse is easy to use and has instant results."
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Celebrity star reveals her secret to younger looking skin

Jivesse has rocketed into the headlines and has been recognized for the rejuvenation effects it has on skin and it has quickly become a favourite amongst the headline breakers!

"I love beauty supplements and the marine collagen ones from Jivesse are great. My skin feels so smooth when I take them."

Stephanie Pratt – New Magazine, Sept 2014

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